The Department of Environment recommends that visitors only hike along with a registered Tour Guide.

Time: This is the ideal climbing experience! The enchanting journey begins at an old railroad bridge (in which area/village) through a narrow path heading into the lush green woods, down into the river bed. The river bed extends from the majestic mountains. Trekking through the rain forest after the soaking rain one will find a running stream ideal for wading through, watch out for the tricky slippery rocky surface. Narrow intervals flooded out in the wet season can be bypassed by climbing onto and working your way along the firm wall.

Within 20 minutes of starting this hike one will encounter the “ROCK.” This is an intriguing climb up and over an imposing 15ft high boulder that blocks the entire riverbed; one may scamper up and over by a rope or makeshift ladder.

Once past the “rock” continue upstream to find the impressive Bat Cave with its hordes of screeching bats.

Trekking around the bat cave one will encounter a small waterfall and enter the world of the climbing enthusiasts. Once past this waterfall walk one, will encounter another small waterfall. If it has rained recently, large splashing pools of water may accumulate in the pathway to the ropes one would need to climb over to the other side.

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Time: Summit and return: 3-4 hours, With decent to crater: 4-6 hours

The Trail

Take an entrancing expedition through a cool mystique tropical rainforest that comes alive with the joyful sounds of birds and the occasional chattering of the evasive green vervet monkey. Along the winding pathway, get immersed in the magical world of nature’s essence with fresh mountain air taking you away from the hassles of life’s tangling grip. Lose yourself under the canopy of lush exotic trees, go around their magnificent trunks and over their buttress roots.

At the top of the rocky climb, from the crater’s rim and look towards the sea, you’ll have a splendid view of the islands to the north, as well as the farmland below, giving a great impression of being on top of the world! Here, the occasional Indian mongoose can be spotted. From here the reward is the picturesque view of the tranquil crater lake below. Rise to the challenge and take the daring climb by rope down to the crater’s floor and go for a refreshing dip in the cool waters of the lake. The water level in the crater lake varies significantly in different seasons. Sometimes there is no water at all, whereas during the wet season, it can become quite deep. Wander through the bush and visit the bubbling Fumaroles of extremely hot natural sulphur-rich mud.

Cautionary Note! Visits to this part of the crater should be brief as prolonged exposure to the gases can be unsafe. Tread careful as the ground is hot and can be slippery. The descent into the crater requires agility and fitness as it also entails a steep climb back up the ropes.


Time: 5 hours


Dos d’Ane Pond is a unique physically demanding half day hike. Climbing the mountain usually means becoming wet and muddy, and the final climb is very challenging.

The pond at the top is inimitable and breath-taking with a small but picturesque waterfall overflowing from the pond. The rainforest to the top is a marvellous trek through nature’s greenest climbs and gives the strange feeling of being in a different world.

From the start, the trail ascends briskly into the slopes onto the winding ridges of the cool humid mountains all the way to the top of the elfin summit. Crossing the final ridge begins by entering thick brush, the smaller you are the easier it will be, but the ground is almost guaranteed to be wet and muddy, wanting to steal your shoes at every chance. The winding trail on the ridge will eventually open up and begin to ascend again. The final climb becomes an exciting muddy scramble. To assist the climber, one may use roots and rocks to step up and haul along the mud while climbing up the single track gutter that has been formed in the clay.

The Top

Dos d’Ane Pond Waterfall

Finish the robust climb and gain the triumphant foggy entry to Dos d’Ane Pond. The freshwater pond sits at 933m (3061 ft) although small, it  is home to small fish and to the left drains into a small waterfall. The base of the waterfall is a good place to stop and have a snack and refresh oneself before heading back down. Remember to hold the garbage and place it in an acceptable receptacle.



Time: 1st waterfall = 3 hours, with extension = 5 hours

Elevation Gain: 1st waterfall – 408 m (1339 ft), 2nd waterfall – 484 m (1588 ft)

The Trail

This historic hike is named after James Stephen, a British abolitionist lawyer who fought to end the slave trade in the late 1700s. It is a quick, and moderate hike that can be done by anyone with a reasonable level of fitness. The hike can be extended past the first waterfall, where it becomes an advanced and adventurous hike, requiring scrambling, rope climbing and rock hopping, under wet tropical conditions. Especially during the rainy season or after a recent heavy down pour, the waterfalls offer a spectacular view with flowing water and enjoyable rock hopping in the upper stream.

In the rainforest, the trail slowly ascends to meet and follow a riverbed. To get to the historic cave, simply follow the marked trail heading right and up from the river bed. Approaching the cave, the trail goes past Stephen’s bath tub on the left of the trail. Just 200 meters from the cave’s turn off nestled in the tropical rainforest is the first waterfall. Climb down from the trail and take a for a breath-taking view of the gushing sparkling stream (weather dependent).

The second waterfall presents a more thrilling humid trailblazing climb over rocks. Discover this natural attraction by simply following the river upstream. Some portions of the river are narrow, deep, or blocked by small rock walls, so detours off the river and through the adjacent rain forest are needed to get around the impassable sections. The trek involves exciting rope climbing action and splashing through the icy pools.

Map and GPS Points of Interest

Time: 2 to 3 hours roundtrip to the Radio Tower (from Ross); 3 to 5 hours if also doing Fischorski Trail

Elevation Gain: 1800 feet to Radio Tower

The Trail

The trail to the radio tower is semi paved but exceptionally steep. It is a series of twists and turns, mostly under shaded areas in a brisk climb to the summit. The trail is very easy to follow; this trail is an excellent choice for adventurous outdoor exercises for the fitness enthusiasts.


Time: Approximately 1 hour each way but save some time for snorkeling!


This is a moderate 1-hour hike up a rocky stream bed and through scrub brush to a secluded rocky beach with a shipwreck and good snorkeling.

This moderate trail extends from the pristine beach of Major’s Bay into the surrounding hills with their rugged dry forest of exotic flora and fauna. Keep a keen eye out maybe you spot the elusive cotton tail deer, the only protected mammal on the island! The trail goes along a winding path up a rugged streambed guided by trail markers. Follow the markers through the brush until you get back onto the streambed heading down the other side of the mountain. Follow the streambed to the shipwreck, and you’re there!


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