The Department of Environment is the ultimate authority in relation to environmental matters in Saint Christopher and Nevis.  


Mandate of the Department of Environment 

To provide for the better management and development of the natural and historic resources of Saint Christopher and Nevis for purposes of conservation; the establishment of national parks, historic and archaeological sites and other protected areas of natural or cultural importance including the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park; and to provide for related or incidental matters. 


The functions of the Department of Environment 

  • To initiate, oversee, co-ordinate, integrate, regulate, facilitate and monitor environmental protection and conservation strategies and measures in Saint Christopher and Nevis. 
  • To initiate and implement environmental policies, programmes and projects in order to achieve sustainable development in Saint Christopher and Nevis. 
  • To oversee environmental policies, programmes and projects undertaken by other departments and ministries of the Government of Saint Christopher and Nevis. 
  • To negotiate environmental treaties initiated by regional and international inter-governmental organisations. 
  • To provide information, data, statistics, and reports to several inter-governmental organisations and non-governmental organisations. 
  • To work in close collaboration with non-governmental organisations with a view to ensuring their support for conservation and environmental protection in Saint Christopher and Nevis. 

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