Minister’s Message

Hon. Eugene Hamilton

The Department of Environment will continue its mandate to conserve, preserve and protect our environment set out in the National Conservation and Environment Protection Act No.5, 1987. The activities will involve public awareness, monitoring the implementation of environmental policies and strategies and execute the work of the multilateral environment agreements.

The Department of Environment continues to develop our National Park system through the continued maintenance and development of hiking trails and the monitoring of the activities in our protected areas. The work in our National Parks will see the implementation of a sustainable financing plan that will strive to ensure that the Park system becomes economically viable.

In 2018, the Department will roll out its updated environment legislation with the goal of modernizing environmental management in the Federation. The Department of Environment continues to lead the Federation in addressing the impacts of Climate Change by developing strategies for adapting to the impacts of Global warming, while increasing our local efforts to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions. In this area we are keen to introduce a solar powered school bus by the last quarter of 2018 noting that the transport sector is one of the biggest contributors to those emission. Hence, the federation will be recorded as one which is positively involved in reducing global carbon dioxide emissions.